SWF electric, wire rope hoist boxes


The SWF type electric, wire rope hoists satisfy the extremely wide range of user requirements. The comprehensive range of various load groups, load capacities, hoisting and moving speeds, standard and additional accessories guarantee safe, effective and reliable solutions. Under low structural height it is able to offer maximum performance, and it is an excellent solution for utilising the available internal height. The replacement of previous hoist structures can be easily accomplished.

The SWF type hoists enable especially refined movement and the quick positioning of the load. The basic kit includes the automatic movement control of the crane crab, and as a result the swinging of the load during the lifting procedure is reduced to minimum. Due to the large diameter wire drum also during the lowering of the load the horizontal direction displacement of the hoist hook is minimum.

All SWF type hoists are characterised by safety and reliability. The lifespan of wire rope used for the hoists multiply exceeds the lifespan of ropes used for traditional hoists due to the large sized rope drums and minimum rope migration angle. The SWF type hoist’s excellent power transmission and brake system further increase reliability. The dust-free, high performance brakes are self-adjusting and they have been designed to operate during the entire lifespan of the hoist. The manufacturing of gears used in the driving mechanism is as precise as possible; they ensure fault-proof operation after several years of use.