Pit-less goods lift (hoist) with chain lifter (up to a load of 0 to 1t)

  • Minimum space requirement
  • Pit depth calculated from the floor level maximum 15 cm, ramp used for bridging
  • Low installation cost
  • Easy to assemble at the premises using pre-fabricated elements/units
  • Safe operation
  • The hoist is equipped with over-load sliding clutch, the doors are equipped with electric and mechanic locks
  • Barred steel structure
  • Upon requirements welded net covering, glass, gypsum board and wall structure also available
  • Simple to use and easy to operate
  • The lift’s platform can be called down or sent to the required station by using the pushbuttons located next to the doors
  • Cage lifts are popular material and goods movement solution for industrial facilities, large sized warehouses and logistics centres.

Vertical goods movements between building floors contributes to the economic organisation of logistical tasks.

The lift is established depending on the amenities of the venue and the lifting task. The loading areas can be installed on all sides. Lifting height up to 6 meters with 2 to 3 stations. Available in various colours of choice.